Across the valley, in which the Fernpass federal road B179 runs, you can see an imposing steel construction at a dizzying height. The highline179, a spectacular pedestrian suspension bridge. It takes a certain amount of courage to cross the 406-meter-long pedestrian suspension bridge at a height of 114 meters. But you will also be rewarded for your courage. From Highline 179 you have a fantastic panoramic view of the Reutte basin and the surrounding mountains – a view with a kick.

Suspension bridge Highline 179: heart pounding at 114 m
 The pedestrian suspension bridge Highline 179 swings over the valley. The Fernpassstraße B 179 runs under the bridge construction. The numbering of which was also the inspiration for the naming of the attraction. At the time it opened, Highline 179 was one of the longest pedestrian suspension bridges in the world. The 1.20 m wide footbridge made of the grating is 406 m long. Many visitors get a queasy feeling after the first few meters when they look down. At a height of 114 m, the bridge construction hovers over the valley. When the humidity is high, wafts of fog form, enveloping the suspension bridge and creating a mysterious atmosphere.

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Neuschwanstein Castle and Highline 179 Private Tour From Munich

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