How much does it cost to do a private tour?

Our rates are determined by time: how long we’re accompanying you and what you’re hoping to achieve. Are we creating a full day guiding you around the region, or a multi-day tour with accommodation? Once your plan is in place we’ll provide an estimate of all anticipated costs.

From luxury once-in-a-lifetime experiences as extravagant as you can imagine. The sky is the limit to value-priced inspiring journeys.

Your itinerary and budget are finely tailored to include what you want, and nothing you don’t.

Starting rates are competitively valued for a half-day (4 continuous hours), and for a full day (8 continuous hours). Including a custom itinerary, and an experienced guide who is also your private licensed chauffeur (all incidentals are quoted separately, and gratuities are at your discretion). Larger groups require a larger vehicle(s) thus a rate increase. Corporate incentive and multi-day excursion rates are quoted on an individual basis. Premiums for national holidays or peak seasonal events may apply at Special Private Tours’ discretion. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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